Anthony knowles took almost 7,000 dollars from me and tried to sell me down the river. He did almost nothing on my case YOU should not use him in my opinion if you do ,do so at your own risk.

he must think everyone is guilty even though they are innocent. he does not care what happens to you as long as he gets your money. once again google anthony knowles ripoff report . com check it out.

use craig lion for dui cases hes much better cheaper and will get you a great result. Hello scorpion and mr knowles, i told you i would get you optimized guess what no charge guys.

hope all is well at your little enterprise. keep stealing peoples money and doing almost nothing for them and lying to them.

Monetary Loss: $6999.

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The knowles law firm actually changed my life for the better when everyone told me it was over. I am greatful to them and my family is too.

I have 3 kids who have there dad back now and I'm a better dad for going through what i did and then mr.

knowles helped me get a second chance. :)


Mr. Knowles and his team of Attorneys got my case dismissed after I had already had a different lawyer that didnt do anything..I thought the Knowles Law Firm was good and I would recommend them to my family and friends!!




I have had great results with Mr. Knowles on two different situations. It sound like you are just an unsettled individual all together in your life. Maybe you should try searching within yourself to find the root of your unhappiness and then lift it up to the Lord Almighty. He will always guide you no matter how lost you feel. :)

With Love and Light,

Jake from AZ

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